who we are?

What started as a way to make some extra money with a simple $500 investment of a few liquidation pallets of merchandise soon transformed into purchasing pallets and storing in our garage. The business grew and moved to a few storage units and included the purchase of six to a dozen pallets at a time. About six months later, the first retail store was open for business. The business took off and the retail location had to move in order to incorporate more space to display and sell merchandise. A couple years later a wholesale pallet location was opened to accommodate pallet sales. It then seemed only logical to branch out to load volume pallets sales to accommodate others trying to get started in the retail business of liquidation merchandise.

our mission

We strive to bring everyone a quality product at an amazing price where customers become friends and employees are treated like family.

Our Team

Tony Ray

Co-owner & CEO

Austin Cox

Retail Associate

Betsy Scarpaci

Warehouse Manager

Brad West

Co-owner & COO

Jeff Adamson

Retail Manager

charity and community engagement

As a locally owned business, we feel it is important to give back to the community that supports us.