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A portion of our business is dedicated to helping retailers and manufacturers liquidate their excess goods and customer returns. We then sell those products back into the secondary market at a fraction of its original value.

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If you're looking to buy wholesale pallets or liquidation full or semi truckloads, Circle City Bargains is here for you! We purchase directly from trusted Vendors: HD Turbo, HD Category, L0wes, T@rget, Am@zon, W@yfair, W@lmart and More.Our customers choose us because they know we have been in this business for years and we only liquidate high-quality products.

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If interested in buying full truckloads I highly recommend Circle City Bargains my sale rep was Theresa Hendricks Mitchell. She was just amazing throughout the entire process. Every step was very simple, fast and smooth from sending manifest, shipping fees, truck release and delivery. Last but not least the load quality was just perfect. We got a very good and clean load. They exceeded our expectations. Definitely a returning customer.

Laura Lopez Quintanilla

Have ordered multiple loads from her.she is amazing and very helpful? Will definitely keep buying from her (talking about our sales general manager).

Johana Castillo

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